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How much do the papers cost?
Any of the hundreds of existing papers found on this site sells for only $9.95 plus a free bibliography! .. Rates for CUSTOMIZED begin at $19.95/page but vary based on season. Our custom work order request form always displays the current price for that particular service....Regardless of which option you choose, each page of text delivered features at least 225 words of research, information, & ideas. Sources are cited in accordance with either APA, MLA, Chicago Manual, or Turabian guidelines. To ensure the word count specified, all of our papers are designed in standard Courier New 12pt font with regular 2.0 line spacing and ordinary 1" margins.  

How will I recieve the paper I select?
It's completely up to YOU!!! Papers found on our list can be sent via your choice of email, fax, Federal Express... - or even by any combination of those three! Email and fax are, of course, the FASTEST ways to receive our work but Federal Express is also available to deliver right to your home address! Please see our order form for a complete list of options and detailed instructions for pursuing each of them!!!

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