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Contemporary Issues And Images Of Asian-Americans
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8 pages in length. The notion of cultural assimilation carries with it significant challenges for those who strive to adapt to an entirely new way of life. The manner by which issues are addressed in Asian-American media provides one with a significantly better understanding of just how difficult a time myriad Asians have had while attempting to reconstruct their entire cultural existence. Various media formats have adopted a perspective on Asian ethnocentricity in such a way as to clearly illustrate these challenges, with film, television and print offering much the same viewpoints. The vast issues that are presented compare to historical depiction by way of carrying forth the continuing difficulties that exist within Asian-American populations, inasmuch as historical communities reflected much the same obstacles that exist within contemporary society. When one examines the importance of such media attention with regard to the Asian-American society, literary contribution is one area that cannot be overlooked, and Amy Tan is one writer who is at the forefront of accurate depiction. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
Filename: TLCAsAme.wps

Corruption in China / The Impacts on Economic Growth & Development
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This 15 page paper considers the issue of corruption, both in the government and in the private sector or China, and considers the link between corruption and the problems currently facing China in terms of economic growth and development. Bibliography lists 15 sources.
Filename: Chincorr.wps

Country Study Of Taiwan
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10 pages in length. Taiwan has grown immensely in myriad ways ever since establishing its Constitution in 1947. By implementing its own political structure and moving forward with its economic interests, Taiwan has expanded its existence to incorporate a sense of capitalism, democracy and renewed power as its own nation. Bibliography lists 11 sources.
Filename: TLCtaiwn.wps

Creating a Viable Tobacco Company in China
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Creating a Viable Tobacco Company in China: This 11-page essay examines the feasibility of forming a profitably tobacco corporation in modern-day China. The climate is supportive of this particular crop, the Chinese national bank has lowered its interest rates, etc. but perhaps we ought to let the PRC turn this economic corner first. Bibliography lists 6 sources. SNChina1.doc
Filename: SNChina1.doc

Daily Life in China: Yesterday and Today
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A 5 page paper which discusses daily life in China in the past, and then discusses daily life in China today. In presenting this discussion, the paper illustrates the changes that have occurred in China in the past century. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
Filename: RAchnlfe.wps

David Christianís Article on Trans-Civilization/Trans-Ecological Routes
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A 2 page overview of the article published in the Journal of World History. Notes that this article is far more than just another history article. Emphasizes that instead it is an observation of the ecological destruction which went hand in hand with silk roads, that series of trade routes linking China, Europe and Africa. No additional sources are listed.
Filename: PPslkRd2.wps

Determining the Course of History in 19th Century China & Japan
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A 5 page paper which examines what determined the course of histories in China and Japan during the 19th century. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
Filename: TG19chja.wps

Did the Song Dynasty in China Stagnate?
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This 7 page paper looks at the rise and fall of the Song dynasty in China between 960 and 1279. The paper look at the developments and how these may have lead to stagnation. Discussion includes both the northern and the southern dynasties. The bibliography cites 3 sources.
Filename: TEsongch.wps

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